John Tzavaras: Curriculum Vitae

Family name: Tzavaras                                

Name: John

Position: Professor

Specialization: Philosophy with an emphasis on Metaphysics


Address: University of Crete

              Department of Preschool Education

              GR – 74100 Rethymno

Tel.: +30 28310 77658                       

Fax: +30 28310 77654




A)      Undergraduate: University of Athens, School of Philosophy,

Department of Philosophy: 1968-1973.

B)      Post-graduate: Specialization in Philosophy: a) Göttingen (Germany),

Winter semester 1973-74, b) Munich (Germany), Spring semester 1974 – Spring semester 1978.

C)      Doctorate: University of Munich, 1974-1978. Doctoral thesis: “Motion according to Kierkegaard”.


University Teaching  (University of Crete):

             A)      Contract appointment: 1979-1984

             B)       Assistant professor: 1984-1990

             C)       Associate professor: 1991-1997

             D)      Professor: 1997 – today



           A) Books:

           1. Motion according to Kierkegaard (in German). Verlag Peter Lang, Frankfurt a.M. 1978, 122 pp.

           2. The poem of Parmenides (in Greek). Domos, Athens 1980, 241 pp.

           3. The certainty of  death (in Greek). Dodoni, Athens – Ioannina 1982, 118 pp.

           4. The poetry of Empedocles (Ancient text – Translation – Commentary) (in Greek). Dodoni, Athens – Ioannina 1988, 303 pp.

           5. The Kantian time according to Heidegger (in Greek). Dodoni, Athens – Ioannina 1989, 101 pp.

           6. Love – War. An essay on cosmic theory (in Greek). Dodoni, Athens – Ioannina 1993, 172 pp.

           7. A companion to philosophy (in Greek). Editions of Kosteas-Geitonas School, Athens 1995, 156 pp. (2nd edition, Rethymno 2001. 3rd edition totally renewed, Typothito-G. Dardanos, Athens 2006, 319 pp.).

           8. The universal diffusion of despair (Study on Kierkegaard) (in Greek). Dodoni, Athens – Ioannina 1997, 202 pp.

           9. Problems in philosophy of education (in Greek). Rethymno 2000, 172 pp.

           10. The demerit of values: Nietzsche and Heidegger (in Greek). Indictos, Athens 2005, 237 pp.

           11. Theology and philosophy according to early Heidegger (in Greek). Indictos, Athens 2007, 125 pp.

           12. An Anthology of Aesthetics (in Greek). Gutenberg, Athens 2007, 175 pp.

           13. An Introduction to Ontology (in Greek). Gutenberg, Athens 2009, 186 pp.

           14. (Editor) Philosophical Dialogue in the School Classroom (in Greek). E-book. "Philosophical Publications 2011".

           15. The notes Nietzsche's for "Thus spoke Zarathustra" (in Greek). E-book. "Philosophical Publications 2011".  

           16. Heidegger's "Contributions to Philosophy". An approach (in Greek). Bookstars, Athens 2013, 176 pp.

           17. Existential and Intellectual Becoming according to Kierkegaard (in Greek). Bookstars, Athens 2013, 181 pp.


         B) Many papers, book reviews, bibliographical works, editions.


         C) Translations and commentaries on philosophical works of: Sören Kierkegaard, Martin Heidegger, Immanuel Kant, Paul Feyerabend, Georg Hegel, Plotinos, Thomas Aquinas, Joanna Haynes.